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Updated: 10/09/08
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We would like to thank Bill Hudson, Scott Pace, and Ron and Jo Jones for selling us these great animals!

Pace Cattle Company of Delta, UT

PCC Spear Head

(EOT Phenomic Boom x PCC Mezmorizer)

DOB: 5/02/2007 

39 3/8" tip to tip on 7/21/2008
projecting to 69.38" at maturity

We have been so happy with our purchase of PCC Gladiator that we decided to add another young bull from Scott Pace's program to ours. PCC Spear Head is a grandson of the two great horn producing bulls PCC Evader and Boomerang CP. His dam is one of Scott's best young cows.

The two traits we like most about this bull are the tremenndous volume of his horns and his dark brindle color. We plan to use him as our junior herd sire next year and are looking forward to the beautiful brindle calves we hope he will produce.

Hudson Reduction Sale in West, TX:

PC My Darlin

(Impact's Rear Admiral x PC Darlin)
DOB: 2/18/99

We attended the Hudson Reduction Sale in West, Texas in August unsure whether we would be bidding on any of Bill Hudson's fine animals. We ended up coming home with four very nice cows and two calves.

Panther Creek raised PC My Darlin, PC Over-revved, and the dam of Anita. Happy Day was raised about 20 miles from our place and was sold at the Legacy IV Sale as a three year old. She is one of the prettiest black and white cows we have seen.

All four of these cows are very pretty and have a good combination of horns and size. We are very excited about adding them to our program and think they will do very well with our bulls.

Anita 2002

(Okie 1 x PC Miss Anita)
DOB: 8/23/2001


PC Over-Revved

(Revenue 108 x Stockton's Overly Fine)
DOB: 2/15/2005


Happy Day 5/4
(JBars Terminator x Slater 510)
DOB: 3/08/2005


The Jones Ranch of Salida, CO:

JR Zora
(JR 20-20 x Miss Zigfield)
DOB: 4/18/2003

JR Just Right

(KC Just Respect x JR Zora)
DOB: 4/21/2008

The Jones Ranch is known for Gunman genetics, as they used him for three years in the mid-90's before his untimely death. Many of the top bulls in the country trace back to the Jones Ranch, including the very popular JR Grand Slam. Grand Slam's full sister, JR Peek A Boo, is a large framed 62" horned cow that produced our new black and white cow JR Kickapoo. We love Kickapoo's bloodlines and looks and are very excited about adding both her and JR Zora to our herd. Zora's dam is also a very nice cow and her sire is a grandson of both Gunman and Phenomenon.

KC Just Respect - 71" at 36 months

Both of these cows came with heifers at side by the Jones's tremendous young herd sire KC Just Respect and should be bred back the same way. Just Respect projects to 79" tip to tip at maturity. We have been following the Jones's breeding program for several years and are very excited to be able to add this great group of females to our herd!

JR Kickapoo
(CB Blue Chip x JR Peek A Boo)
DOB: 3/18/2005

JR Black Beauty

(KC Just Respect x JR Kickapoo)
DOB: 5/14/2008

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