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Updated: 10/15/08
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Look for the Rods and their show string in 2008 and 2009!

CO Nightfall

(Ahab x TP Shotsy)
DOB: 9/03/2007

The heifers in this first group were born here at Rocking O Ranch and are owned by the Rods. The older three heifers all did well last year, led by Nightfall who consistently won her class at each show she entered. The highlight of the show season came at the World Show where she won her class in both the youth and open shows and was named the TLBT National Reserve Junior Champion! The Rods also own CO Savannah, whose career is off to an incredible start. CO Ashley was orphaned at a young age and we now own her in partnership with the Rods. She has recovered from her tough start amazingly well, placing 2nd in her class (behind Savannah) at the Heart of Texas Show.

CO Rum Runner

(Big Chief x CO Pina Colada)
DOB: 9/17/2007

CO Savannah

(Winner's Edge x CO Sabrina)
DOB: 2/24/2008

CO Lacey

(Ahab x CO Lucy)
DOB: 7/27/2007

CO Ashley

(Ahab x Classy Ashley)
DOB: 2/21/2008

The Rods are showing these heifers for us:

CO Banana Split

(Winner's Edge x CO Baretta)
DOB: 1/02/2008

CO Phoenix

(Winner's Edge x CO Paint Brush)
DOB: 2/01/2008

CO Gum Drop

(Sparticus x CO Lemon Drop)
DOB: 2/04/2008

CO Winning Call

(Winner's Edge x CO War Call)
DOB: 3/22/2008

CO West Chester

(Winner's Edge x CO Cheeta)
DOB: 4/04/2008

CO Honeydew

(Undeniable x TP Honey Babe)
DOB: 4/12/2008

The Rods will be showing these three bull calves for us:

(Sparticus x CO Goldie Locks)
DOB: 3/25/2008

CO Old Spice
(Undeniable x CO Ginger)
DOB: 4/22/2008

CO Absolute
(Winner's Edge x CO Abby)
DOB: 4/21/2008


Orange Marmalade is owned by the Rods' friend Sabrina Vallejo. Her first show was the Heart of Texas show, where she placed 2nd in her class and qualified for the world show! She is a pretty, very correct Edge heifer out of a nice young Brawl daughter.

CO Orange Marmalade

(Winner's Edge x CO Abbegale)
DOB: 3/05/2008


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