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Updated: 2/16/08
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We would like to thank the Hardings for selling us Echo and this excellent set of heifers!


Emperor's Echo

We are extremely excited about Emperor's Echo and the impact he will have on our herd. He weighs over a ton, was a very successful show bull, and won his class in the 2002 Horn Showcase for total horn, beating out the well-known horn producer Boomerang CP! He is a massive bull but is also very correct, with a clean underline and small ears. Echo and Gladiator will be our two primary herd sires this year. We plan to put him with 40 of our most proven producers.

We were also fortunate enough to purchase 8 heifers from the Harding's great program, including 3 Echo daughters and 4 of his granddaughters.

Emperor's Echo

RHL Echo's Emerald

(Emperor's Echo x Ruby 214)
DOB: 3/13/2006

RHL Aurora

(RHL Switch Hitter x Valentine 219)
DOB: 3/28/2006

RHL Echo's Charlotte

(Emperor's Echo x Notorious Partygirl BCB)
DOB: 5/25/2006

RHL Ester R'ex

(Refuge Chex x RHL Starlight Starbright)
DOB: 10/2/2006

This is an excellent group of heifers. The oldest three are bred to Butler influenced bulls. Emerald is going to make a very pretty cow. She was shown some as a heifer and has great depth. Ester's dam, Starlight Starbright (an Echo daughter) is one of the nicest cows we have seen. She is a big, well-built cow that should reach 70" ttt at maturity. Cassilda will be a very big cow with good horns. Softly Call the Muster's dam, RHL Patience, was another excellent Echo daughter, and her dam, RHL Hitter Miss, is also the dam to Azara. As a whole, these heifers have great size, horn, breeding and color. They are a very nice addition to our herd.

RHL Alleluia

(Dalgood's Big Mac x RHL Echo's Texas Star)
DOB: 4/03/2007

RHL Cassilda

(Emperor's Echo x RHL Max's Millenium)
DOB: 4/19/2007

RHL Softy Call the Muster

(Dalgood's Big Mac x RHL Patience)
DOB: 4/21/2007

RHL Azara R'ex

(Refuge Chex x RHL Hitter Miss)
DOB: 5/15/2007

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