Texas Longhorn Cow - CO War Paint (1997) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Golden Princess (2002) Texas Longhorn cow - Safari B Angel (2002) Texas Longhorn cow - Dixie Cup (2003) Texas Longhorn cow - DV Two Spot (2002) Texas Longhorn cow - Circle S's Double Lulu (2002) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Jules (2003) Texas Longhorn cow - Star Bright 330 (2003) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Capone's Sapphire (2004)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Violet (2005)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Mattie (2004)
Texas Longhorn bull -  JR Laredo (2009)
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Texas Longhorn bull - Rolling Thunder (2009)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Miss Texas (2004)
Texas Longhorn heifer - CO Natalie (2006)
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Curtis Ohlendorf
Texas Longhorn cow - TP Gun Moll (2004)
Texas Longhorn cow - JR Rietta (2008)

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Texas Longhorn cow - BH Lucy (2008)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Euphrates (2006)
Texas Longhorn bull - Augustus ECR (2010)
Texas Longhorn bull - Plumb Line (2011)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Winning Call (2008)
Texas Longhorn cow - CO Sherry (2008) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Chardonnay (2009) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Jubilee (2010) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Red Rose (2010) Texas Longhorn cow - LLL Evader's Shadow (2010) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Cleopatra (2010) Texas Longhorn cow - LLL Max's Rave (2010) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Texas Tea (2011) Texas Longhorn cow - CO Alamo's Rose (2011)
Texas Longhorn heifer - CO Fiesta (2012)

Recent Updates:
5/28/16 - sold NB Pokey and 3E Rain Delay
5/27/16 - sold JB Untouchabull Lollypop's 2015 bull, CO Celebration, CO Edge's Jewel, ECR Spanish Dove, JD Fran's Little Girl, JTW High Maintenance,
LLL Poly Gal, LLL Sassy Assassin, RO Flashy Franny, RO Honey Boo Boo, RO River Walk, RO Rosey Michelle, and RO Wishing Well
5/23/16 - added four bull calves
5/19/16 - weaned several calves
5/17/16 - sold JR Maverick; updated Featured Buys
5/12/16 - sold CO Danica's bull calf
5/11/16 - weaned several calves
5/08/16 - sold RO Ruby Lee; put up some new pictures; updated Featured Buys
5/05/16 - added five new bull calves and three new heifer calves; updated a few prices
5/03/16 - updated Featured Buys and Package Deals with May specials
4/29/16 - updated a few pictures of calves
4/25/16 - changed Julius Caesar's price
4/24/16 - priced CO Golden Lady and a few more heifer calves; updated Package Deals
4/22/16 - added one heifer calf and one bull calf; added some new pictures; updated About Us; updated Featured Buys (added top picks)
4/20/16 - added four new heifer calves and one bull calf
4/18/16 - added a few new heifer calves; updated Featured Buys
4/17/16 - added five new bull calves; changed a couple prices
4/16/16 - added a new cow and a number of new heifers; updated Featured Buys
4/10/16 - sold RO Stormy Sue and bull calf, RO India's Treasure, RO Salida Slam, SR Jubilee's Freckles,
RO Molly Gray, RO Giddy Gilda, CO Grand Jewel, and BR Jam's Iron Rose
4/09/16 - updated Package Deals
4/08/16 - updated quite a few prices on cows and exposed heifers; updated Featured Buys
4/05/16 - added JTW Coco to young cows
4/01/16 - added four new heifers calves; updated Package Deals
3/27/16 - sold RO Flashy Fae and RO Last Hope; updated Package Deals; updated Sold Cattle
3/26/16 - updated Package Deals
3/25/16 - added new cows; updated some prices; updated Featured Buys
3/19/16 - sold RO Candy Land instead of CO Jelly Donut
3/18/16 - sold 12 heifers: RO Happy Dance, Polka Dottie AW, RO Big Bertha, RO Dark Roast, Pixie Dust,
RO Alamo's Belle, Rambo's Sugar, RO Thunder's Princess, RO Moon River, RO Lulu, RO Sweet Sugar, and RO Coconut Flake
3/12/16 - added two new bull calves
3/11/16 - sold 2NR Arrowhead, RO Starlet, RO Laredo's Jewel, RO Twinkle Eyes, RO Athena, and RO Magic Wand; updated Package Deals
3/07/16 - sold Aggieland and Tony The Tiger; added JR Maverick and three bull calves; updated News
3/06/16 - added several new packages to Package Deals
3/04/16 - updated a few prices; updated Featured Buys; updated Package Deals; added three more heifer calves
3/03/16 - added six new heifer calves to website
3/01/16 - sold CO Banana Split; updated Featured Buys; updated Package Deals; updated Sold Cattle

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